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After Romeo Feature Trailer

After Romeo Feature Trailer -

Written & produced by Peter Alsop. When the romance fades, the drama begins. If Romeo and Juliet had made it out of Capulet's tomb alive,
she would have gotten pregnant, and Romeo would have to get a job! The backstage world of regional theater is exposed as the story behind the play unfolds, filled with young love, sword fights, intrigue, betrayal and beauty. Starring James Avery (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Beastmaster, You Lucky Dog), Ellen Geer (Harold and Maude, Phenomenon, Patriot Games, Odd Couple II), Herta Ware (Cocoon, The Mask, Critters II), Peter Alsop, Justin Doran, Megan Geer-Alsop, Willow Geer, Alan Blumenfeld.  Directed by Peter Alsop and Ellen Geer.