Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

While I'm Sleepin'

From the album In The Hospital Buy Now

by Peter Alsop &  Diane Grimm

- for children afraid to go to sleep


Cho: While I’m sleepin’, ... I’m alive    

My heart’s beatin’, ... deep inside  

I keep breathin’, ... soft and slow  

How I do it? ... I don’t know.  


I remember Gramma, she was kinda sick

I offered her my ice cream, but she didn’t want a lick 

She was really tired, so she fin’ly shut her eyes

Grandpa said “She went to sleep,” but she never said “Good-bye”



Rusty was my old dog, he was my best friend

He had trouble walkin’, his back legs didn’t bend

The Vet put him “to sleep”, with a special kind of shot

He’s not asleep, he’s dead, and I sure miss him alot!



I might need an operation, to fix me up inside

The drugs’ll make me sleepy, but they won’t make me die

Then while I’m fast asleep, my body gets repaired

So thanks for stickin’ by me now, 'cause I’m a little scared


Why do grown-ups say “asleep”, instead of sayin’ “dead”?

That only makes kids nervous, when it’s time t’go to bed

I’ve got to go to sleep now, so would you hold my hand?

I love you, would you stay by me 'til I wake up again?



Words by P. Alsop and D. Grimm, Music by P. Alsop

©Copyright 1989, Moose School Music (BMI)

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