Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

When Jesus Was A Kid

From the album Chris Moose Holidays Buy Now

- was he like us?



It’s Christmas time again and the mall is really weird 

Everyone gets stressed out Christmas shopping every year

I have to stop and wonder, looking at my Christmas list

When Jesus was a kid, would He be doing this?


I know He was a baby, but did He ever cry?

Did Jesus wet His diapers or were they always dry?

Did He use a bottle before He used a cup?

Did Jesus throw things on the floor for Mary to pick up?

Bridge: Did Mary ever spank him?  Does the Bible say?

Did Jesus scream and holler when things didn’t go His way?

I know He was a baby, but I wonder what He did 

When He was about, my age, ... when Jesus was a kid?


Did He have birthday parties?  I like to think He might

But then I have to wonder, well, like, who did He invite?

Were there other kids in bathrobes who played tag the

     way we do?

Was He bummed out when His birthday gifts said “Merry

     Christmas” too!?

Bridge:  Did Jesus put on sunscreen, or did He wear a floppy


Living in a desert, you can sunburn, (snap!), just like that!

And He prob’ly hated eating “camel milk with mushy peas”

Or can Saviors just get out of eating gross things when They



N’He prob’ly hoped His Dad would let Him have a B-B gun

I mean His father Joseph, you know, not the other One

It’s not like it’s a war toy, Jesus wouldn’t hurt a flea

And He’d never point at anyone, He’d be as safe as me!

Bridge:  And if His mother found it, she wouldn’t make a scene

She’d NEVER hide it in the attic, no, she was NOT that mean

He wanted “Peace On Earth” and “Good Will” to kids

I mean He was a kid Himself, so I’m sure He really did


Bridge:  We fight wars and we spill oil, we mess up the sand

I bet a kid like Jesus prob’ly wouldn’t understand

He’d see us Christmas shoppers trying hard to close our eyes

To the homeless people sleeping near expensive stuff we buy

Bridge:  I might be wrong, but I’m a kid too, so I might be right

If we asked that kid Jesus, “Is all this stuff all right?

Can we buy Christmas spirit if we spend lots of dough?”

Well I think that kid Jesus, would just say “No!”


Christmas isn’t about shopping, it’s about the way we care

It’s thinking “What would that kid Jesus do if He was here?”

So if some kid you know, messes up some thing they did,

Remember, Jesus was a human too, when He was a kid

Bridge:  Acting like a kid at Christmas, should not be a sin

Remember when we do it, we’re only acting just like Him

So this Christmas, let’s just BE NICE to each other, don’t

     you see?

When Jesus was a kid, He was a lot like you and me!

When Jesus was a kid, He needed love like you and me!


Written by Peter Alsop, ©1991, Moose School Music (BMI)

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