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What Kind Of Brother Are You?

From the album Ebenezer's Make Over Buy Now

by Joe Jencks

- another Joe Jencks ballad



As you and I were walking down the street

I heard you talk your line

You said “Look at the rich chick, look at the fat chick

Hey don’t that hippy chick look fine”

What is it in your background

That makes you think that it’s okay

To talk about a woman that you’ve seen

In such a ruthless way


Cho: She’s somebody’s mother, she’s somebody’s daughter

She’s somebody’s lover, She’s somebody’s sister

And I’m saying mister, what kind of brother are you?


I know I haven’t mentioned this before

I guess I was afraid

To tell you how deeply offended I was

At the comments that you made

I know that you think everything’s a joke

Even after all these years

But if you take the time to look behind that pretty smile

Then you would see the tears



No I don’t think I’m perfect

And I’m not throwing stones your way

But I can’t ignore what you say anymore

So my silence stops today

I know that you’re a good man

So think about what you say and do

Cause that could be your mother, sister or lover

Being hurt by a good man like you



She is your mother, she is your daughter

She is your lover, she is your sister

So tell me, hey mister, what kind of brother are you?


Written by Joe Jencks

©1999 ©2000 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music

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