Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Us Kids Brush Our Teeth

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- the child toothbrushing ritual!


When you’re in a hurry and time’s flying past                

Sometimes you get mad 'cause I don’t move so fast        

I’m still just a kid, bein’ slow’s not that bad                 

Please listen a minute, before you get mad                    


Chorus:  Us kids brush our teeth, the way that we do       

Because we are kids, and we’re different than you!         


First, I must move the stool into just the right place

Or I can’t reach the sink, and I can’t see my face

It’s important to see just whose teeth I have brushed

So I’m slow and I’m careful, this step can’t be rushed.

               Then I turn on the faucet, unless it’s too tight     

               Sometimes I need two hands, t’get it just right!   

               Cause water must trickle in just the right stream  

               Not too hot or too cold, but exactly between         



Next I take my toothbrush and make it all wet

(So the toothpaste will stick to it better I bet!

Or maybe it’s just to wash old germs away,)

I don’t know for sure why, but kids do it this way.

               Maybe it’s cause when a toothbrush is dry

               The toothpaste can splatter and get in your eye,

               N’make spots on the mirror, so do not not forget

               When y’load on your toothpaste, your brush must be wet!

Then I stick out my tongue and I taste the toothpaste

Cause there might be some bad tasting stuff in it’s place

You must not forget this, because if you do, well, 

You might end up brushing your teeth with shampoo!

               Next I squoosh up the tube in the middle and make

               A big mess on the sink, with a long skinny snake

               Kids must do their duty and do this because

               It’s important to follow Kid-Toothbrushing-Laws



Now the easiest part is brushing the teeth

I rub it upstairs and around underneath

And wiggle and wobble the edge of my gums

And sweep out the leftover pieces of crumbs

               Then I blow a big bubble and dribble my spit,

               All foamy and white, down the drain, like a pit!

               And I count all the pieces of food that I cleaned!

               Fill my mouth up with water and squirt little streams

That rinse out the sink and spray rivers and rain

And wash all those food pieces right down the drain

Next I rinse off the toothbrush, get all of the suds

Then give my old toothbrush, five solid thuds (1-2-3-4-5)

               On the edge of the sink, like I’m playing a drum

               It won’t knock all the drops off, but it’ll knock some!

               Wipe my face with a towel, put my toothbrush away,

               Then get a dry shirt, put the wet one away


               I know your way’s faster for you, so it’s better,

               And I’m just a kid now, but I won’t be forever

               My face in my mirror looks just like yours did

               If you look in your mirror, you can still see that kid

Chorus (Because we are kids, once you were one too!)


Written by Peter Alsop, ©Copyright 1987, Moose School Music (BMI)

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D-A-E-A, E7