Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults


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TOPANGA - my home, where I think globally, act locally, love my family and friends, laugh, write, and remember the past so I have better tools to move into the future.



Let’s live in a cave in Topanga             (C7-C#7)-D7-F#6-G6

Just the place to be alone with you          D7-G-G6

We could have a ball!       C7

Our friends would come to call   G-G/F#-E

Right next to that old lady and her   A7

Kids in that old shoe!           D7-C#7-D7,C#7


Let’s live in a hide out in Topanga                                               

C'mon let’s head out to them hills

Lots of stained glass, cold water in the bath

We can live without those fancy frills!


Let's live in a tree in Topanga

Maybe in the leaves they'd leave us be

We could live in a squirrel hole, and play our rock and roll

Come out on the limb, and you can be a nut like me!


Kazoo Break


We'd be happy livin' in Topanga

Get away and leave the fight behind

In our geodesic dome, we'll feel right at home

Coyotes sing the songs that make it easy to unwind! 


Let's shack up in a shack up in Topanga

The mountain moon’s a yellow lollipop

The starry nights will shine and really blow your mind

Topanga means you're mellow and you've made it,     A7-D7

Maybe faded, or slightly jaded,          D7-D7

But you've made it to the Top!               D7-G6






Written by Peter Alsop, ©1977 Moose School Music (BMI)

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