Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Take Me With You!

From the album Take Me With You Buy Now

- kids take matters into their own hands to avoid being left behind


Cho:  Take me!  (Take me!)  Take me!  (Take me!)                

Take me with you pleeease!                                              

Take me!  (Take me!)  Take me!  (Take me!)                        

Take me when you leave!                                                   


I’m just your little child and surely you can see,                    

If you don’t take me, I’ll be damaged psychologic’ly, yeah,     

Maybe I’ll go crazy and paint my face all red!                         

Or scream and eat my pillow, or put mustard on my head!       


Or I might find your wallet and take all of your cash                

And send it off to Uncle Bill or throw it in the trash!                 

Please don’t say “No!”, I want to go!  I’ll even be your slave!     

I won’t get sick, I won’t make noise!  I promise I’ll behave!  So,  



Now I would never threaten you, but if you leave me home,

Well, I might have some accidents, I might pick up the phone,

And accident’ly call Japan or China or Peru!

I might unplug the freezer or feed your fish some glue


Or accident’ly spread some peanut butter on the rug,

Or overflow the water in the sinks and in the tub!

Or break the lamp or turn the heat up high as it will go,

’Cause little kids like me can make mistakes like that y’know!  So,



Did someone used to leave you home when you were little too?

Can you remember back that far and how it felt to you?

What if goblins in the basement come and eat my bones?!

What if something happens to me when I’m all alone?!


What if bad guys or coyotes carry me away,

Because they’re lonely too, and want a kid like me to play with?!

You say you’re coming back soon, but no one really knows,

I love you and I get afraid and I miss you when you go, so



Written by Peter Alsop, ©1986, Moose School Music (BMI)

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D-A7-D, A7