Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Slap Hands

From the album Wha'd'ya Wanna Do? Buy Now

- gimme five to beat...


Cho:  Slap hands! (Slap hands!)  C’mon give me five!   

Slap hands! (Slap hands!)  Ev’rything’s alright!

Slap hands! (Slap hands!)  C’mon give me five!

Slap hands! (Slap hands!)  Ev’rything’s alright!


If there’s a bear in his underwear                                

Who sez “I’m gonna eat you!”                                     

Just slap his paw, say “Hey you’all!                             

I’m mighty pleased t’meet you!”  (Whack!)                     



If there’s a shark in the dark

Don’t be scared an’ cry

Slap her fin and make her grin, . .

Maybe she’s just shy!  (Whack!)



Ant works hard all summer long

She can’t stop t’sing a song

Grasshopper helps her along

By playin’ on his fiddle

Then when winter snows come round

Ant continues underground

And she invites the Hopper down

So the snow won’t make him brittle  (Snap!)



When someone needs a helpin’ hand

Sometimes they upset you

Just let them know you understand

You’ll both be glad, I’ll bet you!

Chorus (x2)


Written by Peter Alsop,  © Copyright 1983, Moose School Music (BMI)

On Wha’D’Ya Wanna Do? 


D, D-C-G







E-A, A7-A