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Shoulder To The Wheel

From the album Ebenezer's Make Over Buy Now

by Geof Morgan

- Geof Morgan sings about men's work


When I was a boy, I wanted to be older

But I didn’t know that higher up the air grows colder

My shoulder to the wheel, just like my father

And the wheel keeps a’turning and the work keeps getting harder


I’m up every morning, racing with the sun

For just my two hands there’s too much to be done

For everything I own, I’ve always had to borrow

I can’t die today Lord, the payment’s due tomorrow.


I’m only thirty-five but I feel I’m pushing ninety

I keep having nightmares, good God almighty

I dream they’ve laid me out, I’m six feet under, free

What’s that I hear, the boss is digging after me!


I’ve a wife at home, Lord I hardly know her

The years have made us strangers instead of growing closer

Nine babies crying, too many mouths to feed

I wish sometimes she’d turned away, when I had the need


When they lay me down, I’ll finally get some rest

A pillow for my head and a rose for my chest

Don’t let that preacher say too much on my grave

The ones who are still living are the ones who need to be saved


Repeat 1st verse.


Written by Geof Morgan, © 1981, Geof Morgan, (BMI)

from Finally Letting It Go, Flying Fish Records #277

On Ebenezer’s Make Over -