Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Samit And The Dragon

From the album In The Hospital Buy Now

- using imagery to help the healing process!


Every evening, just at bedtime                    

Samit puts his armor on                             

Jumps up on his great white stallion             

Grabs his sword and then he’s gone             


Riding faster than the wind                         

He races through the countryside                 

Moonlight streaming down on him                

He’s off to fight the Dragon that’s been        

Burning him inside                                     


Soon he sees the giant body

Of a little boy asleep

He rides up to the giant ear

And listens to the giant breathe


He knows the giant’s really him

And he must go inside, it seems

He’s bigger than a mountain range

And Samit knows the Dragon’s waiting

In the Land of Dreams


Then Samit yells his battle cry!                        

Hah-Ba-Rheee! Hallooo-ah-lay!                      

The stallion rears and charges in                    

And Samit knows they’re both afraid            


Through the twisting, turning tunnels

Hoofbeats pound the passageways

Along the bloody, steaming rivers

Within the giant’s neck, brave Samit

Gallops through the maze.


Through the viney sinew forest

Under tendon trees and bone

They can feel the Dragon roaring

Soon they’ll reach the Dragon’s home


Then through the smoke of burning flesh

The Dragon’s laugher cuts the air

He throws his hot and stinking breath

The stallion trips, brave Samit falls

Into the Dragon’s lair!


Then Samit sees the Dragon’s eye

He sees the hint of fear within

Could it be?!  Hah-Rruuu!  Hah-Rraii!

The Dragon is afraid of him!!?


The power runs through Samit’s arms

He feels the rainbow light inside

He draws his mighty healing sword

And strikes the fire-breathing monster

Right between the eyes!


The Dragon knows his days are numbered

His fire’s gone, he turns to run

He’s growing smaller, growing weaker

And Samit knows the time has come


He raises up his healing sword

He’s stronger than the Foul Disease!

The Dragon screams and disappears

And now, the giant body of this boy

Can heal in peace.


He whistles for his stallion, who

Comes running to his Master’s side

And Samit leaps up on his back

And off again for home they ride

Off again for home they ride.


Every evening, just at bedtime

Samit puts his armor on

Jumps up on his great white stallion

Grabs his sword and then he’s gone.


Written by Peter Alsop, ©1985, Moose School Music (BMI)

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