Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Safari Into My Sister's Nose

From the album Pluggin' Away Buy Now

- a tour through the nasal passage!


Chorus:  Let’s go on safari into my sister’s nose

I’ll bet we find some treasure        

Like we found between her toes  


Be careful that you don’t get lost  

And tangled-up in hair

I hope that it’s still open  

'Cause her finger’s always there! 

Chorus - Kazoo break


Leave your gas mask in the car

My sister’s nose won’t smell

But bring along a pack

You might find something you can sell!


Bridge:  Sometimes a loose stalactite  

Gives no warning when it falls   

So walk only on the hard part

And please don’t touch the walls


Or we’ll never get you out of there

You’ll slide right out of sight

Although my sister’s nose is nice

It’s a scary place at night!


Chorus:  So let’s go on safari into my sister’s nose

The Northwest Passage might be open

Usually it’s closed!


Don’t worry about the monsters

That are lurking up in there

If you get one on you, do like her

And wipe it on Mom’s chair!


She’ll blow away our troubles

If we simply ask her, “Please?”

My sister loves me very much

Because I never tease!!


Written by Peter Alsop, ©Copyright 1980, Moose School Music (BMI)

On Pluggin’


C-Dm-C, D-Em-D

E-F, F#-G

D7-G, E7-A


F-C, G-D

C-C/B-Am-Am/G, D-D/C#-Bm-Bm/A

C-C/B-Am, D-D/C#-Bm

Am/G-F-G7-C, Bm/A-G-A7-D








F-Em, G-F#m

Dm-C, Em-D

F-E, G-F#m

Am-G-G7, Bm-A-A7