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River Of Life

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RIVER OF LIFE is about helping each other stay alive and afloat in the river,

... not just humans, but all living animals and plants. 


RIVER OF LIFE             A

Cho:  We're floating down the river of life together  - Bm-A

Some float better than others,  yes it's true  -Bm-A (Bm-A)

Floating down the river of life together -Bm-A

You help me and I help you.  -F#m-G#m-A

(Repeat Chorus)


We've been pulling babies up, out of the river  -E-A

Helping kids by the thousands every day - E-A

As folks go floating by, we pull 'em up and get 'em dry -E, A-G#m-F#m

But every year the story stays the same  - Bm-E-E7


Some say it's been this way forever  - A-E

Some say there's just no hope, so why try?  - E7-A

Some blame men or fear or fate, some say it's too late  A-G#m-F#m/ Bm-A-G#m

But I cannot sit here wait to die!    'Cause we're,

Chorus/Instrumental Break:


Some of us went upstream to get to the bottom

Found a lot of folks who don't know what to do!

Scared and lonely just like us, they don't want to make a fuss

But there's just too many cracks where kids fall through!


So we're changing the way the story's going

By teaching kids and families how to swim

Cause it's really hard to drown, with everyone around

So we're swimmin' all together, jump on in!    Now we're


Chorus ( swimming)(  singing) (dancing) (swimming)

Chorus    - A-G#m-F#m-E-054200-E-A


Written by Peter Alsop, © 2014, Moose School Music (BMI)

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