Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

A Porsche And A Potbelly

From the album Other Songs

I got a Porsche and a potbelly

Its the great American dream

I got a Porsche and a potbelly 

And someone tkeep em both clean!

Now I aint lookin

For times tget lean

I'm kinda fonda my mid-rift bulge

And I love my machine!


You all laughed at me back when

My car was old and funny

Now ygotta take me serious, yeah,

Cause I got lotsa money!

Ive been crankin out a bank account

Instead of squeakin by

Lets eat and drink and PAAARRR-TY!!

Lets party til we die!!  Whoooo!


Cmere Babe, Im a real man

Cause I can pay your way

And you know I love you Honey,

Long as you do what I say!

Now mjob aint great, but whos complainin?

Uh-uh, Man, not me!  I got the

Goose with the golden eggs by the neck,

The yolk's on you, not me!!!



I got a Porsche and a potbelly

And lotsa gasoline, . . .

And I dont eat lean cuisine!

(Spoken:  Hey, you got a cigarette?  Thanks!

     Got a light?   Alll-riiight! )


Words & Music by Peter Alsop
©Copyright 1987, Moose School Music(BMI) -