Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

One Less Mouth To Feed

From the album Draw The Line Buy Now


Well Livvy, lately life’s been lousy

And I know that you’re upset

But life won’t get no better

If you can’t learn to forget

Cryin’ won’t bring John-Boy back,

He’s out there on his own

And I hope that he is happy,

And I hope he don’t come home,



Cause that’s one less mouth to feed

One less mouth to feed

When your bluebird of happiness

Eats a poison seed

Just look on the bright side,

That’s one less mouth to feed!


Accidents will happen

It’s sad the way things change

Mary Ellen fell in to the well

And the water’s tasting strange

Ben burned with the chicken coop

And ruined all the eggs

And Grandpa’s headed toward the lake

With his moustache all ablaze,


Chorus: When the apple of your eye

Has a worm you didn’t need


Jim-Bob sank in the river

Tryin’ t’catch a frog

Lis’beth ate the dog’s food

And got eaten by the dog

Erin’s joined a convent,

Jason’s guzzlin’ gin

Grandma hitchiked to the city

To live a life of sin,


Chorus: When your bunny with the lucky feet

Gets flattened in the street


And now you say you’re leavin’ me

To find a better life

I hope Ike Godsey loves you

I hope he don’t leave me his wife

The sun is shining somewhere

This house is cold as stone

And I miss you so my darling,

But it’s great to be alone!!


Chorus: When your milk-cow of contentment

Falls asleep in the stampede

When the flower of your life

Gets mowed down with the weeds

When you little lamb of innocence

Gets terminal V.D.


Written by Peter Alsop, ©1979, Moose School Music (BMI)

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