Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

One Foot Out The Door

From the album Other Songs

It takes a lot, she said to put me over the edge,

Though some days I live my life there.

I watch everyones back except for my own

And sometimes,  I forget theres a knife there.


I said, Youre on one foot, thats just how we walk,

It looks great.  One comes up, one goes down.

But miss just one step, and you see were all falling

One step away, from hitting the ground.


Were all on one foot, a delicate balance

Were lookin at clouds in the sky

Watchin something so sweet, out to lunch on one foot

And the big train of life comes whistlin by


And it doesnt take much between you and me

Just a word, just a touch, or a twist

And were tumblin downhill in barrels alone

Bruised and confused about which way is which


When we think perfect balance, were lost in romance

Fancy footwork does not mean, we know how to dance


Miraculous passions, conversations and such,

It's incredible we walk at all

And the moves we go through when we dance, me and you

Hold us up just as much as they make us fall


Were all on one foot.  A delicate balance

Were watchin the wind in the leaves

Out to lunch on one foot, and we see ourselves flyin

Then one wing gets snagged in the trees.


Were all on one foot.  We don't see it comin.

Lifes delicious and painful and real

One foot at a times how we dance with each other

And the music of life is the beat that we feel.


Peter Alsop 2/08