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The One About The Bird In The Cage

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Cho: My bird is learning how to fly

Soaring on the wings of her song

If sometimes she flies a bit too high

It’s cause she was in my cage for so long


And I kept her in my cage

And I fed her everyday

I said “Little bird if you watch me

I’ll show you the way

I’ll teach you how to fly so high

I’ll teach you how to sing

But if you want to be like me

I’ve got to clip your wings”


She said “I see you have the wisdom

That must come with age

It must be cause you love me

That you keep me in this cage”

Then one day my bird awoke

And found her song was gone

She asked me “What can it be?

Did I do something wrong?”


Well I got very angry

And I said “Bird, hang your head!

You’re not singin’ like you should

You cry all day instead

How can you behave so

After all I’ve done for you?”

And the more she tried

The more she cried and wondered what to do


Soon her tears of anguish

Turned to tears of rage

She said “How can I learn to fly

When you keep me in this cage?

Now I know that if I stay

I’ll never learn to sing

So I am going far away

You can’t teach me a thing!


You know my freedom is not something

You can give to me

I must take it for myself

If I want to be free

I’ve got to trust my own wings

If I want to learn to fly

In this cage I’ll never sing

I’ve got to find the sky!”



Written by Ruthie Taub (formerly Gorton), ©1975 Ruthie Gorton

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