Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

No One Knows For Sure

From the album Wha'd'ya Wanna Do? Buy Now

- about having hope when things look darkest!


There’s a camel in the desert                                    

Who could really use a drink                                    

Her hump is all dried up                                          

And her name’s Irene, I think                                  

If she doesn’t get some water                                  

Or some juice or soda soon                                    

I don’t think she’ll last much longer                        

I don’t think she’ll last 'til noon                              

And the sun is burning brightly                              

And the desert sand’s so hot                                  

And Irene’s so awfully thirsty                                

She might die right on the spot!                            


Cho:  But no one knows for sure                            

Something might come along                                

That could save the day and help her out              

And fix whatever’s wrong.                                      

Cause no one knows for sure                                

We’ve still got time to hope                                    

And Irene might see a giant milkshake                    

Over the next slope!!                                              

Well, she might if she keeps walking!                      

Cause no one knows for sure                                  

No one knows for sure!                                          


There’s a highway by the river, where a little toad named Russell

Has hopped out in the middle, and he’s too scared t’move a muscle

He’s afraid because the cars there sound like giant, angry ducks

And cause other toads who crossed that road got flattened out by trucks!

I guess Russell’s in big trouble, I bet it’s awful for that toad

If a bus comes, our friend Russ might be a waffle in the road!


Cho: (And Russell might just hustle, then he won’t have to croak!

And he might hop any minute now, 'cause no one knows for sure)


There’s a monkey named McCaffree, who’s lived a long, long time

And he’s got a broken tail, that makes it pretty hard to climb,

So he’s careful in the jungle, when he climbs where monkeys go

But he missed a vine and fell into the river down below!

And the crocodiles surround him, and McCaffree, he can’t swim

And he’s driftin’ toward the waterfall, guess that’s the last we’ll see of him!


Cho:  (And McCaffree might see Wonder Woman, and she might have her rope!

Cause she usually caries one with her, doesn’t she!)


There’s a kid I know named Evelyn, one of my fav’rite friends

And they put her in the hospital, for testing once again

And the Doctors and the grown ups, well they were sad when they were through

They told her she was very sick, no one knew what to do

To make her feel better, so she could run and play

And Evelyn knew that she might die, but she’d look at me and say!


Cho:  (That could save the day and help me out, and fix whatever’s wrong.

Cause no one knows for sure, we’ve still got time to hope

And maybe Dr. Seuss and me’ll invent a Super-Dooper kind of soap!

Cause no one knows for sure, no one knows for sure, no one knows for sure!)


Written by Peter Alsop, © Copyright 1983, Moose School Music (BMI)

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