Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

No Excuse T'Use Booze

From the album Pie In The Sky


Cho:  There’s no excuse t’use booze

All you get is confused

Booze makes problems for you, so

There’s no excuse t’use booze!


Booze is bad for kids

Now we all know that’s true

But some folks don’t admit

That it’s bad for the grown-ups too!



One of my good friends

Offered me some beer

But I got “common sense”

So I whispered in his ear



M’friend said “You’re no fun!”

“When there’s booze around, I grab it!”

He got drunk, and he got sick,

If that’s fun, well, he can have it!



Now some kids drink at parties

‘Cause they’re feelin’ bad inside

And sometimes gettin’ loaded

Seems like a way to hide.

Yeah, sometimes life’s a drag

An’ it’s tough t’be a kid

But you’ll make it fine without drugs an’ booze

Lots of other people did!




Written by Peter Alsop. ©1987, Moose School Music (BMI)

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