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The Newborn

From the album Family Roles Buy Now

- incredible Rosita Perez poem!


It was 1963 and the three-week old baby

Was turning blue in the bassinet

Very obviously choking.

The two year old was saying that she was sorry

And crying and looking very scared.

I removed a piece of ham from the babys mouth.

Her sister had been eating a sandwich

And thought it was a good idea

To share a little of what she had.


For some reason, that reminds me of how I feel

Around people who are so publicly religious and


They insist on force-feeding the rest of us

Their sustenance of meat when our digestive systems

Can only tolerate milk.


Maybe thats why we choke on it too.


We are still new-born

And need more time to develop, thats all.

And it has little to do with calendar age.


If they had faith in the Source,

They would know that

The same illuminations that came to them

Will come to us

When and if we need them enough to reach out.




by Rosita Perez, from her book The Music Is You

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