Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Needle-ee, Noodle-ee

From the album In The Hospital Buy Now

by Peter Alsop & Penny Pefley

- what fun it would be if kids ran the hospital! 

NEEDLE-EE, NOODLE-EE                                           

If needles were noodles, I’d cook up ca-boodles

So no one would ever get hurt!            

If I was the head of this hospital here        

I’d bring in a dumptruck of sterilized dirt 

I’d say  “Let the kids play!  Do whatever they say!

And give them whatever they want for desert!”  


Cho:  Needle-ee, noodle-ee, needle-ee, noodle-ee 

Needle-ee, noodle-ee, needle-ee, nuu!   



If doctors and nurses would rock to-and-fro

We could sit on their heads and say “Giddy-up! Go!”

And ride them around and collect all the pills

Then pile them up into sliding-down hills

Take off the stethoscopes!  Chuck the white coats!

Slide down the pills using bedpans for boats!



If syringes were squirt guns, I’d find some big ones

And fill them with punch or with soup left from lunch

I’d go under my bed and when somebody said

“Hey, that kid isn’t here!  Where’d that kid disappear?!”

Well, ... I might squirt their shoe,

Just to see what they’d do!

If elephants came here to get themselves fixed

They’d sneeze with their trunks, blow the paint off the bricks!

And a kid-type thermometer isn’t so fine

For a giant big elephant’s temperature time

You’ve got to be careful!  Don’t lose it inside,

Cause if you get him mad, whoa!  There’s NO place to hide!



If wheelchairs flew, I know what I’d do,

I’d float down the hall when the Doc comes to call

N’make-up a story bout hospital food

N’say “Doc, ... my dinner just tasted sooo good,

That I saved some for YOU!  C’mon!  Take a big bite!”

Then the doctor would say, “Are you sure you’re all right?!”

If germs looked like worms, we’d dip them in ink

And make them paint lines as they drain down the sink!

If pillows could talk, I know mine would say

“Get your head out of bed and go outside and play!”

If things in our song haven’t happened, well, then,

Maybe we’d better just sing it again!



If needles were noodles, we’d cook up ca-boodles

So no one would ever get hurt.

If we were the head of this hospital here

We’d bring in a dump truck of sterilized dirt

We’d say “Let the kids play!  Do whatever they say!

And give them whatever they want for desert!”



Words by P. Alsop & P. Pefley, Music by P. Alsop, ©Copyright 1989, Moose School Music (BMI)

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