Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

My Secret

Out of Hiding


Chorus: I’ve got a secret, how bout you?

Let’s tell each other what we do!

I’ve got a secret, how bout you?


Friday night I’m feelin’ right, cause I get paid

Right back to my little room, and I pull the shade

Off with pants and quickly on with that dress I made

Wig in place, I paint my face and my arms with marmalade!


Nobody knows my secret!

Nobody shares in my fun!

I walk around in my nylons

Cause I don’t want them to run!

Everyone hides some secret thing they’ve done

So if you’re strange, don’t make a change

Spread your jam and hug your lamb,

And let your vibrator hummmm!



All week long I drive a truck, I’m kind of shy

But I read Playboy Magazine, like a normal guy

And I love eatin’ my Mom’s homemade apple pie

But no one knows her marmalade goes in the pantyhose I buy!


Nobody knows my secret

Nobody shares in my fun!

I spread jelly on my belly,

I spread it on my buns!

I’ll tell you, if you’ll tell me,

Do you get hot with your bathroom locked?

Well I cool my nerves with Mom’s preserves

It’s just a difference of degree!



Written by Peter Alsop,  © 1975, Moose School Music (BMI)

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G-Bm-C, D-F#-G




G-Bm-C, D-F#-G

Em-D6-C6, C-D


Em7-D-C, Am7-G






Em7-C, G-A-D