Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Mr. D

Death Gives Life Meaning




Cho: I am Mr. D, what I say is true

Everything changes constantly

So do the best you can do!


Catepiller crawls

Into her cocoon, “Good bye!”

Everything changes constantly

Now she’s a butterfly!

This is Number One

Everything changes under the sun

So take some chances, have some fun

Do the best you can do!



Stick your hand in the cookie jar

Take a big handful and you get stuck

You better let go or you won’t get one

You’ll be out of luck!

This is Number Two

Don’t hold on too tight

Sometime you gotta let go

Just to make it through this life.



Some folks think I’m scary

Big and mean and hairy!

But life it temporary, my message is clear

Check it out, before you check out of here

Instrumental Chorus (2x)


Now let’s suppose that no one died

No one worried and no one cried

Then there wouldn’t be a reason to try

To do the best you can do!

This is Number Three

It’s not how long you can survive

It’s how you live when you’re alive

So do the best you can do!



Chorus: Meet me at the rainbow’s end

Fill your life with love my friend

Real love will never end

It’s the best we can do!

Love’s the best we can do!

Love’s the best, … we can do!


Written by Peter Alsop, ©Copyright 1984, Moose School Music (BMI)

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c3    c4

fig=-[e0/(F#m)2x/e0/e2/d0,  e0/(F#m)2x/d4/d2/d0/e2/F#m]/ [e0/(F#m)2x/e0/e2/d0,  e2/d0/d4/d2/d0/e0/(F#m)2x]

F#m    Am    Bbm




Bm    Dm    Ebm

Bm-A-F#7    Dm-C-A7    Ebm-Db-Bb7

Bm    Dm    Ebm

Bm-F#7-Bm    Dm-A7-Dm    Ebm-Bb7-Ebm

A-Bm    C-Dm    Db-Ebm

Bm-A-F#7    Dm-C-A7    Ebm-Db-Bb7

Bm    Dm    Ebm

Bm-F#7-Bm    Dm-A7-Dm    Ebm-Bb7-Ebm

Bm-F#7-Bm    Dm-A7-Dm    Ebm-Bb7-Ebm

A-F#7    C-A7    Db-Bb7











F#m-B-F#m    Am, D-Am    Bbm, Eb-Bbm

F#m-E-F#m    Am, G-Am    Bbm, Ab-Bbm

F#m-B-F#m, B  Am, D-Am, D  Bbm, Eb-Bbm,Eb

C#-C#7-F#m (fig)  E-E7-Am(fig)  F-F7-Bbm(fig)