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Music for Children and Adults

Men Are Good

From the album Ebenezer's Make Over Buy Now

by Joe Jencks

- Joe Jencks sings his wisdom


Men Are Good, Men Are Good

Though it seems that we are very often quite misunderstood

Men Are Good, We are not bad

So please let go of any misconceptions that you’ve had

Men Are Good! (3x)


Men are kind, Men are kind

We have gentle loving hearts and creative thinking minds

Men are kind, We are not mean

In spite of all the television images you’ve seen

Men are kind! (3x)


Men need rest, Men need rest,

We are brought up to believe we are disposable at best

Men need rest, We work too hard

And a day away from work does not mean working in the yard

Men need rest! (3x)


Men should play, Men should play,

Men should have a right to have a little fun with every day

Men should play, Well it’s okay

I hear God even took a break on the seventh day

Men should play! (3x)


Men are bright, Men are bright,

Solving problems every day we bring hope and we bring light

Men are bright, We are not dumb

If you see a man with troubles that does not mean he’s a bum

Men are bright! (3x)


Men love peace, Men love peace,

And we wish that all this crazy macho Rambo stuff would cease

Men love peace, Men hate war

And I’m here to tell you  we will not be fighting anymore

Men love peace! (3x)


Men are great, Men are great,

Whether changing stinky diapers or employed as heads of state

Men are great, The world around

From Tokyo to Mozambique, in tiny Russian towns

Men are great! (3x)


(Repeat verse one)


Written by Joe Jencks, © 2001, 2003 Joe Jencks

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