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Me And You

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ME AND YOU - I don't need you to "see it my way", but I do need you to at least "see my way."


Me And You


If you’d been through what    (079900)

I’ve been through     (079800)

If you grew up like me  A(077699)-E(076900)

Then you would do what I do      A(077699)-E(076900)

Instead of what you do, you see?    F#m(044200)-B(099800)

If what happened to you, happened to me  (079900)-(079800)

Then I'd know your world, it's true!      A-E

N'that's scary for me, maybe you agree   A-E

My ways are scary for you      F#m


Cho:  Y'don't need to 'see it my way',   A-E

If you can 'see my way'   A-B-E

Can you find some part of you when you see me?    F#m-B

I don't need to 'see it your way'   A-E,

If I can 'see your way'        A-B-E

Show me what you want me to see       F#m-E-Esus4-E



When we know we're right, then the other one's wrong

No one's gonna win this war

I thought a lot, and I wrote this song

Been down this road before

            There’s no way out when we yell and shout

            We know this fightin's no fun

            We may seem diff'rent, but we act the same

            Nothing changes, nothing gets done




If you see 'my way', ... then you see 'me',

And I need to try your shoes

They might not fit, but I'm gonna sit here

And listen until you're through

            I hear your story and you hear mine

            Gotta come up with something new

            It's only gonna stop, if we find a way

            Comes down to me and you




It's me and you        F#m-B

Just you and me.      figure- A-B-E


Written by Peter Alsop, Copyright 2014, Moose School Music (BMI)

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