Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults


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- in our head instead of our heart


Cho:    Logical, logical! Why do you have t’be so logical?

              Ne-ver-mind, . . don’t tell me why,

              You’ll have a logical reply!


Kid:       Dad, I’m too full to eat my beans

Dad:      You’re too full?  What does that mean?

Kid:       My tummy’s got no room, it’s true

Dad:      That means no room for dessert too?

Kid:       Well, I’ve got space left for ice cream!

Dad:      Then you could fill that space with beans!

Kid:       But beans are overflowing Dad!

Dad:      No room for ice cream then, too bad!!



Kid:     I’m too sick for school today

          But I’don’t need medicine, okay?

Adult:  Don’t you want to feel well?

Kid:     Yeah, but I can’t stand the smell!

          That stuff stinks like old dead clams!

          It’ll make me sicker than I am!

          I’m not that sick, I won’t die!

Adult:  Then off to school you go!  Good-bye!



Aunt:  Do you like monster movies, dear?

Kid:    I don’t like THIS one, he’s too weird!

Aunt:  He’s just an actor, you know that!

Kid:    I don’t care!  His head’s all fat!

Aunt:  He saves the little girl you know,

Kid:    Who cares?! I’m scared! C’mon, let’s go!

          AAAHHHHRRGG!  There he is! I’m outta here!!

Aunt:  Come back!! It’s just a movie dear!



Kid:     But I don’t want to learn to swim,

Adult:   It’s fun!  Come on, I’ll help you in!

Kid:     Don’t push me in, I’ll drown!  AAAAHHH! (splash)

Adult:  That’s good!!  Now move your legs around!

Kid:     Blubbb-glubbb-help me!

Adult:  You’re okay!

           This will save your life someday!

           And swimming’s healthy too, you know,

           Hey, wait a minute, . . where’d you go?

Chorus (underwater)


Mom:  C’mon it’s time to take your bath

Kid:    But Mom I haven’t done my math!

Mom:  Then why is television on?

Kid:    It’s almost over, Mom, c’mon!

Mom:  Your neck is filthy, Let’s go! Move!

Kid:    But I don’t see what this will prove,

          I just get dirty ev’ry day, . . so, 

          Let’s save water, okay?

Mom:   No!!


Chorus: Logical, Logical!  Why don’cha like it when I’m logical!?

            Ne-ver-mind, . . don’t tell me why,

            You’ll have a logical reply!


Parent: C’mon, it’s time, pack up your things

Kds:    Not yet! We wanna stay and sing!

          We’re having fun here at the park

Parent: But you can’t stay here after dark!

           There’ll be no beds, no heat, no food

           And bears might come, you might get chewed!

           So think it over, you decide,

           Come home with me, or freeze outside!

Chorus (2x)


Written by Peter Alsop, © 1986, Moose School Music (BMI)

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c-2, c-4

C-G-C, D-A-D, E-B-E

F-Dm, G-Em, A-F#m

G-G7-C, A-A7-D, B-B7-E


Dm-C, Em-D, F#m-E

Am-G, Bm-A, C#m-B

Dm-C, Em-D, F#m-E

Am-G-C, Bm-A-D, C#m-B-E

F-C, G-D, A-E

F-Am, G-Bm, A-C#m

F-C, G-D, A-E

Dm-G-C, Em-A-D, F#m-B-E