Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults


From the album Asleep At The Helm Buy Now


Cho: I had a list of things to do

But now my only list is you

And my list keeps getting longer

I hope we never make through


I want to laugh with you out loud

I want to meet you in a crowd

I want to buy you leather clothes

I want to hold you by your toes

I want to travel cross the country

Together on a Northern train

I want to sing with you in harmony

And run through pouring rain!


Brdg1: Do you feel me too?

Are the shivers coming through?


I want to make you room to grow

I want to share the stuff we know

I want to touch you when you’re still

I want to roll you down a hill

I want to lather up your shoulders

Shampoo fingers through your hair

I want to gather up your worries

And throw them in the air!


Brdg2: Do you feel me too?

Are the shivers coming through?

Do you feel me too?

Am I coming through?




I want to hold you when you’re sad

I want to show you Paris, France

I want to listen to your stomach

While you’re teaching me to dance

I want to wade into your eyes

And I want to taste your tongue

I want to listen to you whisper

I want to kiss you when you come.





Written by Peter Alsop, ©1976, Moose School Music (BMI)

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