Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Listen to the Beet

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Now, I’m The Beet, so you know I’m sweet

An’ I’m gonna teach you to groove!

When I say, “Tap your feet”, you go             (tap, tap)

When I say “Listen to The Beet”, you go    (Um-hmm!)


Tap your feet!                                           (tap, tap)

Yeah, listen to the Beet!                       (Um-hmm!)

Yeah!  Tap your feet!                            (tap, tap)

Now  “Listen to The Beet”,                  (Um-hmm!)

All right, that’s sweet!


Well I’m The Beet, and you know I’m sweet

And together, we’re gonna mooooooove!


Cause I’m a root y’know, and I grow down below

You can chew the Beet greens above me

Full of vitamin C’s and some manganese

And vitamin A, you gonna love me!


Cause I’m The Beet, and you know I’m sweet

Now tap your feet                                 (tap, tap)

And listen to the Beet                    (Um-hmm!)


Deep underground, I don’t make a sound

I make sugar by the pound cause I don’t mess around

I grew up in my bed and I’m blood red, and

If you heard what I said, you can shake your head an


Tap your feet!                                      (tap, tap)

Yeah, Listen to The Beet!              (Um-hmm!)


When you’re ready to eat, put the water on the heat

Pop me in for a swim in the pool!

Gonna be your supper,  Eat me from a cup, or

Cover me with butter if you’re cool!

Your tongue’ll be purple, and you’re prob’ly gonna burp

I’ll taste so sweet, you’re gonna drool


Cause I’m The Beet, and you know I’m sweet

Tap your feet                             (tap, tap)

And listen to the Beet                   (Um-hmm!)


Then you put me in your mouth and you chew a little bit

And I get a little mushy with a little bit of spit

Not Borscht, of course, but I’m a folate source

And I,  . . .


Little Kid:      Hey Beet!  Hey Beet!  What’s Borscht?

Beet:            What?

Little Kid:      What’s Borscht?!


Well all right!  Okay,  I’ll give you the scoop

Want to know about BORSCHT?  It’s BEET SOUP!

But if you want BORSCHT to be your fuel

Then get another Beet, cause I’m no fool

And you can tell by it’s name, BORSCHT IS NOT COOL!


I’ll be your friend, but don’t leave me alone

You could put me in your pocket, you could take me home

And we can hang out in your room, and watch TV

We could stay up late, just you and me!

(But no shows about BORSCHT!)


Little Kid:      But, lots of people like to eat Borscht when it’s cold.

Beet:            Really?

Little Kid:     Yep!

Beet:           Well, ahh, that’s kind of cool, all right then!  Thank you.  So, I take back what

                  I said about BORSCHT!  Let’s go!  I could be BORSCHT!  Long as it’s cool!


Cause I’m The Beet, and I’m cool and sweet

Don’t worry bout a thing, we’re gonna dance and sing!


Listen to The Beet!                 (Um-hmm!)

Tap your feet!                        (tap, tap)

Listen to The Beet!                 (Um-hmm!)

Tap your feet!                        (tap, tap)

I said Listen to The Beet!          (Um-hmm!)

Tap your feet!                        (tap, tap)


Beet:           That’s all right!  I could be Borscht!


Music & Lyrics by Peter Alsop, © 2004, Moose School Music (BMI)

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