Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Letter To Mr. Brown

From the album Pie In The Sky


Dear Mr. Brown, (from the kids in your school)

We're writing you a letter like you taught us to do.

We all got together at lunch this noon,

N' we decided we'd better do something soon.


'Cause lately you've been diff'rent and we don't know why.

Did we do something wrong?  We're sorry and we'll try

To act a little better, if we've been bad.

We all think that you're the best teacher we've had.


You used to hold our hands when we walked across the street.

You used to help us wash them just before we went to eat.

You used to kneel down and help Robbie tie his shoes,

And sometimes you would thumb-wrestle, usually you'd lose!


You used to boost up Ray and Alice on the monkey bars.

You used to put your arm around us when we got our stars.

Whenever we played "tag", you were "it" the most,

N' you'd even help Tyrone when he'd forget to blow his nose!


You used to help us button up our coats when it was chilly.

You used to mess our hairs up with your hand when we were silly.

N' you used to hug us sometimes, when we fell and hurt our knees,

But you never touch us anymore, . . . so Mr. Brown, please,


Tell us why you're mad at us, and honest, we will change!

You still help us learn to read and add, but now you're acting strange.

You never made us nervous or kept us after school.

You never touched us anywhere that was against the rules,


So, Mr. Brown, please, . . . tell us what we did,

And we hope you read our letter, 'cause it's signed by ev'ry kid.



Robie, Susan, Rosie, Lee,

Lavender, and Russell T.,

Matt and Alice, Candy, Ray, 

Mordecai, and Russell A.,

Ellen, Jennifer, and Mary, 

Jim, Felicia, and Gary,

Jose', Reggie, Barbie, Joan,

Harold, and your friend, Tyrone.



Written by Peter Alsop, © 1986, Moose School Music (BMI)

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