Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Let's Not Do This Anymore

From the album



Asleep late at night in a crowded camp site,

Crash woke me up, then a scream and a curse 

Outside my tent, couple having a fight

I went out, but it only got worse  

            She yelled in his face, then he shoved her down

            Threatened to hit her if she did it again

            I was scared, but I stood my ground

            He stared back, "We got a problem here friend?"


Cho: I said "Let's not do this anymore. 

Maybe where you're from, you can hit someone 

But hitting someone never settles a score,

So let's not do this anymore." 


Then she yelled at me too, with tears in her eyes

"It's none of your business!  So go away!"

He stepped up, twice my size

The only thing I could think to say, was


Cho: "Let's not do this anymore.

Some men think, this is what women are for

But it's not true, and you know it too

So let's not do this anymore."


He cocked his head and clenched his hand

"I don't need lessons from a jerk like you!"

"Maybe not, but I understand,

That you'd be doin' this better, if you knew what to do."


Cho: Let's not do this anymore

If you're really that strong, then pass it along

Hitting's not what people are for

So hey, let's not do this anymore.


He grabbed her arm, said "Get it the car."

"It's your fault", she said as they walked away

And I'm not sure, but through their open window,

I thought I heard him say,


Cho: "Let's not do this anymore.

That dude's right.  Hey, I don't wanna fight

This kind of stuff's what turns into wars,

So let's not do this anymore.

Let's just, not do this, . . . anymore 


Written by Peter Alsop,  ©Copyright 2014, Moose School Music (BMI)

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