Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Let The Woman In You Come Through

From the album Asleep At The Helm Buy Now


You’re holding in

Cause you’re a man who never cries

I’m not as tough as you, my friend,

But since you ask for my advice,


Cho: Let the woman in you come through

She’s trying to let you know she’s there

She colors everything you do

And the man in you gets scared.


You like to dance, I’ve seen you dance

When you thought no one was there

I’ve heard sorrow in your voice

While you laugh like you don’t care

It’s hard to hide your gentle side

It’s a lonely way to be

Take it from a friend who knows,

An old, old friend like me.



You’ll fight to prove that you’re a man

You’ll fight to prove you’re right

You work hard and play hard

And you stay up late at night

Working hard’s a way to hide

From the dumb things some folks say

But holding tenderness inside

Is only throwing it away.

Chorus / Break


So you tell me that I’m crazy

And I know you don’t like kids

Especially little sissies

Yeah, ... I know you never did,

But I’ve seen you with the tough ones

The ones the others all condemn

And you know that they’re the frightened ones

And you know cause you’re like them.



Cho: Let the woman in you come through

Be a different kind of brave

She’ll show you love’s the difference

Between a free man and a slave.


Written by Peter Alsop, © 1975, Moose School Music (BMI) -

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