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Just Capital

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JUST CAPITAL - A woman on television stood with her grown children in the rubble of her destroyed home. "I wish I was dead!" she said, "I have no reason to live!" Horrible as it was, I felt someone had sold a 'bill of goods' to this woman about what was really important in her life.



The other night I had a dream, seems like yesterday


Fire and flood ran thru my home, swept all my “things” away


The stuff I owned lay scattered, every single thing!


I sat there in the rubble, and this voice began to sing,        

            (repeat 1st line/(020100/040200/050400)slo


Cho: It's just Ca-pi-tal!  All the stuff you own! 


It's Just Capital!  Now your Capital's all gone! 

        A-D, D-E(000454)-A(007655)

It's just Capital!  More stuff than you need!   A-D, D-A

It's Just Capital!  And you are still alive you see!    A-D, D-E-A

It's Just Capital!  Just Capital!         D-E-A, D-E-A!


Thought I was going crazy!  This had to be a dream!

The whole thing seemed so real, but I could not even scream.

“I'm no Cap-i-tal-ist, but without my stuff, I'm dead!”

Then that voice began to sing again, in my head


Cho: It's Just Ca-pi-tal!  Insecure securities!

It's Just Capital!  See the forest, not the trees!

It's Just Capital!  You've been lost in the woods!

It's just Capital!  You've been sold a Bill of Goods!

It's Just Capital!  Just Capital!


I woke up in a cold sweat, tried to write this down

There are certain things we have to have, if we're gonna stick around

Food, and clothing on our backs, and money bankers loan us!

But I wonder if it's possible, ... Can the Things that we own, ... own us?


Cho:  It's just Ca-pi-tal!  Now I think I understand!

It's Just Capital!  What I own's, not Who I am!

It's Just Capital!  We can never get "enough"!

It's Just Capital!  But I don't need all this stuff!

It's Just Capital!  Just Capital!


As long as we're alive, there is hope, and we go on!

It's the people who we love, that help make it through to dawn

The outstretched hand, the gentle touch, loving things that people do

Community, not Capital, is what will pull us through!



It's Just Capital!  If my Capital is gone!

It's Just Capital!  Well, my life can still go on!

It's Just Capital!  Hey, God gave me a shove!

It's Just Capital!  So now, I invest in Love!

Invest in Love!  Can we invest in Love!?


Written by Peter Alsop, © 2014, Moose School Music (BMI)

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