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Junk Food Junkie

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My old pal Larry Groce (Mountain Stage) wrote this one.  He sings so beautifully that he figured this silly song was just a throw-away, but I got his permission to record it and when Dr. Demento started getting airplay with my version, ... Larry went out and recorded it and got his first hit record!  Still relevant and funny after many, many years!



Well you know I love that organic cookin’

I always ask for more

They call me Mr. Natural

On down to the health food store

Yeah, I only eat good sea-salt

White sugar don’t touch my lips

And my friends is always beggin’ me to take em

On macro-biotic trips

But at night I take down my strongbox

That I keep under lock and key

And I take it off to the closet

Where nobody else can see

I open that lid so slowly

Take a peek up North and South

Then I pull out a Hostess Twinkie

And I pop it into my mouth!


Cho: In the daytime I’m Mr. Natural

Just as healthy as I can be

But at night I’m a junkfood junkie

Good Lord have pity on me!


Well at lunch time you can find me

At the Whole Earth Vitamin Bar

Just suckin’ on my plain white yogurt

From a hand thrown pottery jar

And sippin’ little hand-pressed cider

With a carrot stick for desert

And wipin’ my face in a natural way

On the sleeve of my peasant shirt!

But when that clock strikes midnight

And I’m all by myself

I’m a-workin’ that combination

On my secret hide-away shelf

I take out my Fritos Corn Chips

Doctor Pepper and an Old Moon Pie,

Then I sit back in glorious expectation

Of a genuine junk food high!



My friends down at the commune

They think I’m pretty neat

Well I don’t know nothin’ bout arts and crafts

But I give em all something to eat

I’m a friend to old Euell Gibbons

And I only eat home grown spice

I got a John Keats autograph Grecian urn

Filled up with my brown rice

But lately I’ve been spotted

With a Big Mac on my breath

Stumblin’ into a Colonel Sanders

With a face as white as death

I’m afraid some day they’ll find me

Just stretched out on my bed

With a handful of Pringle’s Potato Chips

And a Ding-Dong by my head!



Written by Larry Groce,  © 1975, Peaceable Kingdom

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