Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

It's My Penis

From the album Ebenezer's Make Over Buy Now

- Peter sings a Geof Morgan classic!


What's that hangin' down between my legs?

Looks like a sausage between two hard boiled eggs!

And sculptors usually got it covered with leaves

Now I wonder what it could be?


Cho:  Oh!  It's my penis!  My penis!

Y'see how much has truly come between us

It's my penis, my penis!

Let's start again, and this time be friends!


(Spoken) Let's try it all together, c'mon,

I know some of you will have to use your imaginations,

But if you're having trouble saying this word, just practice,

Roll it around in you mouth a little and see how it feels!


Some say you're a symbol of power and hate

And some say you're a weapon to dominate

But you don't look that mean to me

When y'draw in the snow with my pee!

Chorus (C’mon, give it a try!  It's not hard!)


Now you don't have to get it up like there's a record to prove

Limp or erect, it still feels good

And all that guilt's just a-holdin' you down

It's not a contest for cryin' out loud!

Chorus (See?!  You're gettin' the hang of it!)


Well we needed this talk, little penis-to-heart

We're on the same body but so far apart

And even though I'm here a-talkin' to you

Y'know we're really one and not two!

Chorus (Just the women!  Yeah! Now everybody!   Follow the bouncing balls!)



Written by Geof Morgan  -  ©1980, Geof Morgan

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