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Music for Children and Adults

It's My Penis

by Geof Morgan

Healing Song for Men


What's that hangin down between my legs?

Looks like a sausage between two hard boiled eggs!

And sculptors usually got it covered with leaves

Now I wonder what it could be?


Oh!  Its my penis!  My penis!

Ysee how much has truly come between us

It's my penis, my penis!

Lets start again, and this time be friends!


Some say youre a symbol of power and hate

And some say youre a weapon to dominate

But you dont look that mean to me

When ydraw in the snow with my pee!


Chorus  (C’mon, give it a try!  It's not hard!)


Now you dont have to get it up like theres a record to prove

Limp or erect, it still feels good

And all that guilts just a-holdin you down

Its not a contest for cryin out loud!


Chorus (See?!  You're gettin' the hang of it!)


Well we needed this talk, little penis-to-heart

Were on the same body but so far apart

And even though Im here a-talkin to you

Yknow were really one and not two!


Chorus  (Follow the bouncing balls!)


Written by Geof Morgan, ©1980, Geof Morgan

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