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If You Love A Hippopotamus

From the album Stayin' Over Buy Now

by Connie Kaldor

- good friends come in all shapes and sizes


IF YOU LOVE A HIPPOPOTAMUS                                                                           

Cho:  If you love a hippopotamus                   

And you love her “alotamus”                         

She will be your friend                                 

And that can be mighty handy now and then    


Cause if you’re stuck outside                         

And the door on the house won’t budge            

Your friend the Hippo can lean on it                 

And give it an extra nudge (crash!)                  



If you want a cookie

But it’s too high on the shelf

You can climb on the back of a Hippopotamus

And get one for yourself!  (and one for her too!)



When you go to bed

If you find that you just can’t sleep

Late at night, your friend the Hippo

Into your room will creep


She’ll sing you a lullabye

Til you begin to snore

Then she’ll tiptoe out

Hippotamusly and slam the door (crash!)



Written by Connie Kaldor, ©1982 Coyote Records (CAPAC)

On Stayin’ Over –


A, C

F#M, Am

E-E7, G-G7

E7-A, G7-C



A-Amaj7-F#m, C-Cmaj7

Amaj7-F#m, Cmaj7-Am

E, G

E7, G7