Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

If Jesus Had A Gun

IF JESUS HAD A GUN                                                                   

Cho: If Jesus had a gun, He would not abuse it                                 

He would keep it handy, in case he had to use it



Now if some tough guys, pushed Him down, or


They disrespected Mary, ... you know, Jesus was her


If Jesus had a gun, He wouldn’t need to fight

He’d just pull it out and show em, and say “You better

     be polite!”

   What if thieves were robbing Joe, you know, Jesus’

        other Dad?          

   Well He could use His gun t’save him, now that wouldn’t

        be so bad

   But He’d never shoot somebody, cause He knows it’s really

        bad to

   No, Jesus wouldn’t hurt a flea, unless He really had to



If some mean guy abused a little kid

Jesus would get mad!  He wouldn’t like what that guy did

If Jesus couldn’t make him pray, or He couldn’t find a cop

Well He might take out his gun just to get the guy to stop

   If people were starving, He could shoot a goat or lamb

   I don’t think He’d shoot a pig, cause He didn’t like ham

   In Jerusalem they’d holler, they’d say “Jesus!  You’re

        the Boss!”

   And if Jesus had a gun, they’d never put Him on a cross!

   If Jesus had a gun they’d never put Him on a cross!

Chorus & Instrumental Chorus


Jesus was God’s kid, and prob’ly fast with a gun!

He prob’ly knew the best way to get things done!

But if they didn’t put Him on the cross, then the story’s

     not the same

If Jesus had a gun, would he use it in God’s name?

   Sayin’ “Turn your other cheek, and love your fellow man!

   What part of ‘Thou shalt not kill’, is hard to understand?!

   Now, it’s God’s law!  And all you people know it too!

   You’re behavior’s temptin’ me, t’use my gun on you!”


Bridge: I think Moses and Mohammed lived with Jesus back


And they prob’ly didn’t have guns, they were probably friends!



If Jesus had a gun, I think He’d throw that gun away

Cause He knows He might be tempted if He had a bad day

Yeah, if Jesus had a gun, He’d throw that gun away

He would never use it!  He would find another way.

If Jesus had a gun, He’d throw the gun away

He would never use it!  He’d find another way!

If Jesus had a gun, ...

I’m pretty sure that He would find another way!


Words and music by Peter Alsop, ©2010, Moose School Music (BMI)

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