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If It Doesn't Have Me

From the album In The Hospital Buy Now

by Bill Harley

- missing our family, school & friends


Just about now they’re all getting up                    

My sister, my brother, my mom and my pop           

Dad’s in a hurry and Tommy moves slow            

They’re all getting dressed, getting ready to go      

But down in the kitchen, who sits in my chair?         

Who lets out the dog when I’m not there?               

Who rides my bike, who wears my clothes?              

Who tells my sister to go blow her nose?                 


Is an airplane an airplane if it doesn’t have wings?   

Is a song really there if nobody sings it?                  

If it doesn’t have branches can you call it a tree?      

Is it really my family if it doesn’t have me?               


In my class at school I see it all

They’re hanging their coats up out in the hall

Mrs. Tomasso assigns us our work

And Dennis Gillespie still acts like a jerk

But who helps Miss Randall with the library books?

And who gets all Mr. Sinclair’s dirty looks?

Who sticks the pencils down in the air vents?

And who loans Rob Bartleson twenty-five cents?

Chorus: Is it really my school if it doesn’t have me?


I get so tired just sitting in bed

Watching these thoughts run around in my head

Sometimes I can’t help but get a little bit scared

Thinking nobody notices that I’m not there

So just don’t forget me, and the things that I do

'Cause while I’m sitting here I sure don’t forget you

And when somebody visits, I need to know

I’ll ask them again, please tell me it’s so


Chorus: That an airplane’s no airplane if it doesn’t have wings

There isn’t a song if nobody sings it

If it doesn’t have branches, don’t call it a tree

And the world’s not the same if it doesn’t have me


Written by Bill Harley, ©1989, Round River Music (BMI)

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