Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Home Where The Heart Is

From the album Pie In The Sky


Home, Home, Home where the heart is

Home, Home, Home where the heart is


This is our home, the place of our birth

This is our refuge, here on the earth

This is our park, where our children play

Our school and our churches where we come to pray


These are our streets, and these are our stores

These are our houses, our windows and doors

These are our families, these are our friends

These are our bathrooms and kitchens and dens


Our dinette sets, tables and chairs and our beds

Our clothes and our rugs and our workshops and sheds

Pianos and telephones, bicycles, cars,

Mobilehomes, lawnmowers, fences and yards


Our microwaves, blenders, our hot tubs and skiis

Tape cassettes, hair dryers, color T.V.s

Shampoos, antacid pills, creams for our faces,

These are our fillings, and these, our shoelaces!


These things belong to us, we proudly say

No one will ever take them away!


Home, Home, Home where the heart is

Where everyday, everyone sings

Home, Home, Home where the heart is

Here, . . . with all of our things!



Written by Peter Alsop, Copyright 1987, Moose School Music(BMI)