Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults


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Hollaback in an organization founded by Emily May.  She and hundreds of other women and men from all over the world use cel phones, social media and legislative pressure to raise awareness about, and stop street harassment. 

HOLLABACK  (to the tune of Lollipop)



Holla-back, Holla-back, oh Holla, holla, holla   G-Em-C-D7

Holla-back, Holla-back, */oh Holla, holla, holla

Holla-back, Holla-back, */oh Holla, holla, holla

Holla-back!    */ - (pop!)     (Bass: */Ba-dum, bum-bum)   G, D7


Walkin with my girlfriend, */ down the street   G-Em-C-D-D7

*/This fella treats me like a piece of meat        G-Em-C-D-D7

*/I wanna hit him with a big fat stone,             G-Em-C-D-D7

But I take his picture with my phone, and put it on, ... C-D-D7-G, D7

Chorus  (Bass: */Don't be a dum-dum!)


*/We're tellin' stories 'stead of being alone

*/We got computers, and we've got cel phones!

*/We've got a global movement growin' here

And we refuse to be oppressed by fear!   'Cause we are, ...

Chorus  (Bass: */Ba-dum, bum-bum)


*/We know you're horny, you have made it clear

*/But it is NOT our job to help you, Dear!

*/You're still a boy who doesn't un-derstand,

So go home and, Honey, use your hand!   In private!!

Chorus   (Bass: */No mean's "No!" Joe!)


*/You a wanna know why you don't' turn us on?

Log onto I-Holla-back dot com

*/And read the stories!  See if you relate,

You can change your ways, it's not too late,   to join us on, ...

Chorus (Bass: */Do right to-night!)


*/We're stoppin' street harassment, me and you

Straight'n L'n G'n B'n, */ T'n Q!

Ev'ry color man'n woman, ev'ry shape 'n size,

Hollaback has got us orga-nized!  Hoo-ray for, ...





Lyrics by Peter Alsop,  Music by B.Ross & J.Dixon,

© Edward B. Marks Music Company

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