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High Standards

From the album Pluggin' Away Buy Now

by Bob Blue

- there's more to life than getting an 'A'


I’ll always remember the day my average was B

A pretty good B, but not quite an A 

I thought that my Dad would be proud, there was no way

     to know

His pride didn’t show, that wasn’t allowed


I don’t know what Dad thought of me, cause all he would say

Was “Why not an A?  Why just a B?”

I hadn’t known life was a test, not til that day

I didn’t get A.  I just did my best.


That wasn’t enough for my Dad, his standards were high.

I never asked why.  I thought he’d get mad.

My father had dreams of his own, reflected in me

That I couldn’t see.  I wish I had known.


I won’t live for that has-been.  I will not regret,

But neither forget, the father within.

I won’t demand A’s of my daughter or son, they do

     what they can

As women and men forever have done.


Last week my Dad said he loves me.  He’s now 83.

And I’m 58.  It’s never too late.

As a father, I’d give him B+, I hope he won’t fuss.

B+ is okay.  Cause you don’t need an A!


Written by Bob Blue, ©Copyright 1988, Bob Blue (ASCAP)

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