Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Hey Ev'rybody!

From the album Take Me With You Buy Now

- when finally, ... we can do it!


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’whistle!                 

All on my own!  Now here I go!                      

I had to try it, again and again,                     

Put your lips like this, then blow!                   

Tweedle-deedle-dee, tweet, tweet, tweet!


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’snap!

All on my own!  So listen to me!

My finger goes on top of my thumb

Then I snap it quick as can be! (Snap!)

Snap, snappity, snap, snap, snap!


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’yodel

All on my own, so plug up your ears!

Sing along regular, then sing up high,

Then wiggle your throat and change gears!

Yodel-ee, ohdel-ay, ohdel-ayteee! (2X)


Hey ev’rybody, I learned to “pbbrt!”

All on my own, it’s my favorite bit!

Stick your tongue out through your lips

Then give it a blow with NO spit!

Pbbrt, pbbrt, pbbrt, pbbrt, pbbrtt! (2X)


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’pop!

All on my own!  Just as clear as can be!

I put my finger into my mouth,

Build the pressure and, (POP!) It’s free!

Pop, poppity, pop! pop! pop!


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’buzz!

All on my own!  Here’s how you go!

Hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth,

Then sing with a buzz through the hole!

Buzz, berzzy, dooze, buzz, buzz, buzz!


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’hand jive!

All on my own!  I’ll play for you!

Slap your knee, your hand, your knee,

Then the same on your other knee too!

Slap, slappity, slap, slap, slap!


Hey ev’rybody, we learned something!

All on our own, and it’s something new!

All at the same time, let’s do something diff’rent

Let’s see what each other can do!

(Improvise 2X)


Written by Peter Alsop, © 1986, Moose School Music (BMI)

On Take Me With You! & Costume Party dvd–


HEY EV’RYBODY! -  Optional verses


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’skip!

All on my own!  I’ll show you how!

First hop on one, then switch to the other!

At first it was hard, ... but it’s easy now!

Skip, skippity, skip, skoppity, skow!


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’swing!

All on my own!  Look what I can do!

First, I swing out, with my legs in front,

Then when I bend 'em back, I swing back too!

Whoooeeeeoooo!  Owwwie-swingy-dooooo!!


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’clop!

All on my own!  I do it just fine!

Suck on your tongue, then flop it and plop it,

And slop it and clop it in time!

Clop, cloppity, clip, clop, clop, clop!


Hey ev’rybody, I learned t’trumpet!

All on my own!  You give it a try!

Relax your lips, then bugle the melody,

Back in your throat, real high!!

Brrt!  Brr-dee-brrt!  Brr-brr-brrrt brrrrrr!