Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults


From the album Other Songs

Lets all bow our heads so that we may give thanks

For polysorbate in our beans and franks

For salad dressing all shiny and brown

With mono-diglycerides thelp it slide down!


Cho: Grace! Grace! For what the Lord gives!

May the Saints all preserves us with preservatives!

Grace! Grace! Give thanks! Open wide!

Our chances are better when Gods on our side!


Fill me with loving, steroids and meat

Sodium benzoate, saccharin treats

May your mercy be with me while I eat this junk,

If my systems not stronger than my faith, Im sunk!



Now my soul deep within me, prepare for the worst

Will God bless this stuff that the processors curst?

Will BHT and MSG give me gas?

Did food treated like this make Christs supper his last?


Grace! Grace! For the food that we eat

St. Peters salt peter makes it complete!

Grace! Grace! With all due respects

Please grant us salvations from residual effects!


Grace! Grace! Protect us dear Lord!

Is this spoonful of sugar our final reward?

Grace! Grace! We know not what we do!

Deliver us Lord, from the evil we chew!

Oooh-nooo! (Instead of A-men)


Written by Peter Alsop, Copyright 1986, Moose School Music (BMI) -


F-F6-G-Edim7 (000101)

Am-C+-Am7-F#dim (004545)