Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Good Time

Lonliness of a Seduction




I see that you’re alone

Y’look like someone I once knew

I’m just a little drunk, but do you mind?

I hope I haven’t blown

My chances here with you

What I’m about to say sounds like a line


Chorus:  Well, I’ve made it this far

I came out to have a good time,

And here you are,

I came out to have a good time

And would you like to share a glass of wine?

'Cause I’m alone in here    (Bm)

And I came out to have a good time.


Pick fig2 w bass


This elevator goes so slow

When you look at me that way

I’ll ride up and see you to your door

First you tell me “No”

Then your husband’s gone, you say,

Sure, you slip into something else, I can’t think anymore


Chorus  (And even though the evening’s going fine)


I’m sorry if I hurt you

God, you kiss like silk and velvet

I’m dizzy and so light that I could fly

You’re really good, you know

But I guess I’d better go

I don’t know why it is, sometimes I cry


Chorus  (And even though your body’s holding mine,)


I came out, ... to have a good time


Written by Peter Alsop, © 1976, Moose School Music (BMI)

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Pick figure [d0-g2-b3-d0/d2-g0-


D-A7sus4-D (use pick fig)







G-D, G-D


G-D, G-D



Em7-A7sus4 (intro pick) D-A7sus4-D





use pick fig2