Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Gone For Good

Anger and Blaming


Intro lick [b8&e7/b7&e5/b3&e3/b1&e0/d9&g7/d7&g5/d5&g4/]



An old brown cow was sittin’ in her pasture eating grass

When she looked down at the ground, she saw a black bug

     walkin’ past.

She watched him push and struggle with that little twig

     he’d found

Then she raised her hoof and mashed that bug,  (SQUISH!)

     into the ground!


Cho:  I can’t find a reason why some of us must die

And others live and feel bad, maybe God knows why,

But I can’t find a reason, if I only understood,

Then I wouldn’t be so angry, hey, that bug (cow) is gone for good!!

(Last time:  When you’re gone, you’re gone for good!)


Well later in the afternoon that cow went home to eat

And the Farmer packed her friends and her into a truck out on the street

He’d decided to quit milkin’ cows and start t’raisin’ ducks

Well Old MacDonald had a cow, now she’s a Cheeseburger Deluxe!



Now Old MacDonald choked to death on one hard-boiled duck egg

And the duck who laid it ended up as “Roasted Duck With Nutmeg!”

And the chef who roasted up that duck stepped on an avocado

Slipped underneath a tour bus bound for southern Colorado!


The driver’s name was Alice, and she didn’t even stop

They caught-up with her in Dallas eating pancakes with a cop,

He was a foolish guy named Jerry, who never carried guns

He’d fed her boysenberry syrup and he caught her with the runs!


When he took her down to book her at the nearest precinct house

Well next door there, all the local circus elephants, they got frightened by this mouse,

And they stampeded on the squad car, didn’t even hurt their feet!

But Jerry, Alice and the car were tramped into the street!


And the mouse who scared them elephants, he gave one little shrug,

And two weeks later he died when he was bitten by a bug

Who was the thirty-second cousin of that bug killed by that cow!

If it wasn’t for that bug, maybe they’d all still be here now!



Written by Peter Alsop, © 1985, Moose School Music (BMI)

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G-D7, C#7



G-D7, C#7


C7-D7, G




C7-C#7-D7, C#7


G-A-D7-G (or lick)