Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Gnarly Dude

From the album Take Me With You Buy Now

- stay one step ahead of the teacher!


In my classroom, when the teacher asks a question we’re

     supposed to know the answer to it.

If I know, then what I do is, raise my hand and hope

     she picks me out so I can do it!

But she never picks me out when I have got my hand up,

     she calls someone else who doesn’t.

When ever I was ready with the answer, she would always

     pick some other dude who wasn’t!


Cho:  So I have got a plan,                                                              

I think it’s very shrewd                                                                   

I’m such a bright young man, ... I’m                                                   

Such a gnarly dude!!                                                                       


When I know the answer to the question, I will never, ever,

Ever put my hand up.

I won’t even look at her, and she’ll think I don’t know and so she’ll

Call on me to stand up!

Then I’ll confidently give the perfect answer, she’ll be so sur-

Prised, and she’ll say “Dear me!”

I will prove that I’m the brightest Dude she’s had the privilege to

Teach!  The kids’ll cheer me!  But wait!

What if she asks something I don’t know, like “Why’s the ocean blue?” or

“Who’s the Mayor of Paris?”

I haven’t got the slightest clue!  If she asked one of those, I wouldn’t

Know, I’d be embarrassed!



When I do not know, the answer, I will raise my hand up

High and I will smile!

She will never call me, she’ll pick someone else who hasn’t raised their

Hand in quite a while!

Here’s the question! Uh-oh! I don’t know!  I better raise my hand ‘cause

I don’t know the answer!  WHO ME?  Well, you see,

I’ve got to use the bathroom now, may I please go before I acci-

Dently wet my pants here!  So you

See that gnarly dudes like me can learn some things in school that we do

Not expect to, ... though

Y’know you’ve got your teacher figured out, y’better

     get some good ex-

’Cuses to protect you!  Though you

Know you’ve got your teacher figured out, y’better

     get some good ex-

’Cuses to protect you!                                                                      


Written by Peter Alsop, ©1986, Moose School Music (BMI)

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