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GMO Cafe'

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GMO CAFE' - Carol Koury went into a restaurant, ordered and asked whether the food had GMO's, and no one there knew what they were

GMO Cafe'      (Reggae)   (capo3)


Intro:                                                       Am-D-Dsus4-D


V1: I asked my waitress "Do you know?   Am-D

This food include GMOs?"                        D-Am

I saw her face, her eyes got wide             Am-D

She shrugged her shoulders, she replied,   D-Am



G-M-Os?  Gee, I dunno?            G-Em

Um-Umm, ... I don't think so      D-Em

G-M-Os?  Gee, I dunno?             G-Em

(Um-Umm, ... I don't think so?)2x (D-Em)2x



V2: I understand that's not her job

So her not knowing was not odd

I said  "Can you go ask the cook?"

When she came back, she had that look,



G-M-Os?  Gee, he dunno?          G-Em

Um-Umm, ... he don't think so   D-Em

(repeat)                         G-Em, (D-Em)2x


V3: Then the owner, she came out

Asked me "What's this all about?"

I said "Are my food's genes okay?  If, ...

There's GMO's, take it away!"  she said


Chorus 3:


V4: They alter genes in GMO's

So food looks better, so it grows

To make the Sellers much more wealth

But they don't really help my health



"It's safe!" they say, but we won't chew,     G-Em

Where's the tests from folks, not you!       D-Em

Our information's not enough                  G-Em

So we can't buy and eat this stuff             D-Em 


V5: Hey, they won't buy it 'cross the sea

So why you serving this to me!?

And since the answer is unknown,

I'll grow and cook my food at home!  Bye!



G-M-Os?  'Cause we dunno! 

Um-Umm!  We don't think so!

G-M-Os?  'Cause we dunno! 

Um-Umm!  We don't think so!

Um-Umm!  Cause we don't know!

Um-Umm!  Cause we don't know!


Written by Peter Alsop, ©2014 Moose School Music (BMI)

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