Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Giggles Samba

From the album Did You Walk? Buy Now

- Peter & the kids run into Mrs. McFrown!


Mrs. McFrown:

All right!  That’s enough!

Head up!  Chin out!  Serious stuff!


This is not funny!  Cut that out!

Stop that laughing!  Don’t make me shout!


Excuse me please?  How old are you?

Save that giggling until we’re through!



But we like to laugh!  We’re having fun!

We love to walk and dance and run!


Mrs. McFrown:

Well if you must!  Then laugh away!

There’s nothing more that I can say.



C’mon Mrs. McFrown

I can see you’re almost smiling.

Just a little more, ... you can do it!


Mrs. McFrown

Well, I don’t know, ... look!  I’ve done it!

I’m smiling!


Kids & Peter:



Written by Peter Alsop, ©2001, Moose School Music, BMI

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