Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

The Gift

From the album Chris Moose Holidays Buy Now

- a powerful non-smoking plea from kids to parents



I know what I want for Christmas          

I wrote to Santa long ago                

There’s only one thing on my list     

Just listen Mom, please don’t say “No!”


I’m sorry you got mad last night Mom

I’m stubborn, just like you, and strong.

You show me how to do things right, an’

You hug me tight when something’s wrong.


Bridge:  I love the things you do, such as,

At bedtime when we read a book.   

An’ you don’t yell when you get mad,

You just squint your eyes and look  


But when you cough, I think you’re choking.

I get so scared, I have to say,

For Christmas Mom, would you quit smoking?

Throw your cigarettes away?


Bridge:  Don’t burn out in one great big blaze

Or I’ll make my squint eyes at you!

I need you here for lots more birthdays.

Don’t quit for me Mom, quit for you!


Someday I will have some kids.

And they’ll need “Grandma hugs” a lot.

I need you too Mom, I’m your kid, and,

Well, you’re the only Mom I’ve got!


Bridge:  Your eyes filled with tears last night

When I threatened, “I’d smoke too!”

I feel fears each time you light up

I wish that you would feel scared too


Listen Mom, cause I’m not joking

I don’t want toys on Santa’s sleigh

For Christmas Mom, would you quit smoking?

Throw your cigarettes away!!


I love you Mom, so please, quit smoking,

That’s all I want on Christmas Day.


Written by Peter Alsop, ©Copyright 1994, Moose School Music (BMI)

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