Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

A Friend Like Me

From the album In The Hospital Buy Now

- support for a hospitalized buddy


I knew that they’d kill you, those cafeteria fish sticks

I told ya, “Don’t eat 'em!..They’re like paper mache!”

But you never listen, and your guts glued together

Then the ambulance came, and took you away

So I brought you some homework, I dropped the rest in a


But I got some fake vomit...that I bought at the store

Go ahead, you can use fool all the nurses

Just wet it and leave your bed on the floor!


Y’need a friend like me, t’help ya out when things go wrong

Y’need a friend like me, just like me!

Y’need a friend like me, t’sing you a happy song

Y’need a friend like me, just like me!


Sally said that your lips got...stuck on that fountain

While drinking some the Principal’s door

You got bigger and bigger...and you fin’ly exploded

And you splattered the hallways...and the bulletin boards!

And then Mr. Wojack...our fav’rite custodian

Had to scrape you and mop the walls and the floor

So I came with a pick up your organs

Awww, think nothing of it...hey, what’re friends for?!



Remember your little plugged in the sharpener

The one that mashes our pencils..the one that kills and destroys

Remember Tommy McPherson...he kept cranking the handle

Sucked you in to your elbow...he loves to play with war toys

So you screamed for the teacher...but she was grading some papers

And without even looking...she said “STOP MAKING NOISE!”

By the time I rushed were nothing but shavings

And Tommy was smiling...I guess boys’ll be boys!



Written by Peter Alsop, ©1989, Moose School Music (BMI)

On In The Hospital  -


Em-A, D

Em-A, D

Em-A, D

Bm-E, A-Asus4

Em-A, D


Em-A, D

Bm-G, D

Em-A, D


G-A-D, G-A-Bm

G-A-D, A-A7

G-A-D, G-A-Bm

G-A, D-Dsus4-D