Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Frack, Frack, Fracking

From the album River Of Life Buy Now

FRACK, FRACK, FRACKING came out of a discussion with my buddy Chris Wrather, who supported his small local community in California to take action to stop outside profiteers from endangering their health and water.



ChoA: Frack-frack-fracking

What the frack is fracking?

Frackings using water

To whack oil from our ground.

ChoB: Frack-frack-fracking

Your concern for us is lacking!

So were packing you off,

To save the water in our town.


We love the water in our city

But when you frack, its not so pretty

In fact, I feel like "gacking"

When I try to drink it down

Cause your fracking blows the water

Into places that we oughter

Keep it outta, cause it comes out

Kinda oily, green and brown!



Well, you havent got my backing

So lets cut all the yacking

Youre racking up the profits

From the oil you take up!

And it seems that youre uncertain

Bout the damage to our dirt,

An we refuse to take the risks,

Because our town is waking up!


So go back twhere ya came from!

We dont want you here

Your fracking makes our water burn

So let us make it clear!

(ChorusB)/(Instrumental ChorusB)


Would you frack your own home water?

Would your family be distraught,... or

Would you only do it far away

From where your family lives?

No one cares about the oil

If it ruins all our soil

If it makes the water putrid

Would you do it to your kids?


Chorus B

So were packing you off,

Tsave the water in our town!











A7-D7-G, D7






































D, D7, G-C-G


Written by Peter Alsop, ©2011, Moose School Music (BMI) - On River Of Life -